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Jia Pa Lan Blogshop

Basically, we are an online blog shop that sells second hand item which are brand new or used a few times only. The phrase "Jia Pa Lan" means anything, everything. Our shop has no focus on any particular product. We sell whatever we think is sellable.

allyour-stuffs (:

If rly needa refund badly, only 50% will be refunded.

Last but not least, have @ least a pager with you. K I'm joking. A handphone please.
Okeh, enjoy your stay here!



To list here, please write to, as long as your item/store
fulfill our requirement, it will listed here.

Joan Bead Shop



Promotion! 27.09.08 - 02.10.08

1. Get Free Postage when u spend above $100!
2. 15% off instock items!


Do note that if you are ordering from preorders blogshop and sprees blogshop , please send in 2 different order forms . sprees blogshop order form are only for sprees . preorder order forms are only for items in the preorders blogshop .

luv's journey

Joan™: wish to have a journey around the world, hope my dream come true...cheers ♥


A BIG welcome to imsellingthings , Offically opened on 5th June 2008 ♥ I am friendly, if you are :D POSB acc number: 249-09442-0

Simplydolls Blogshop

Welcome Simple or glamour, Just doll urself up, babes! Enjoy your stay but do take note...

Forever Healthy & Beauty

FOREVER -For Your HEalth and BEaUty- ~Forever Living Good For EVeryOne~

Amor De Dios

We at AmorDeDios are always looking for ways to help customer save their money... Worried on expensive postage? Worry no more...


Tictactoe is created 4 a particular kind of woman, who has ageless spirit n willing 2 try anything no matter how darIng. Tictactoe items enable u 2 express urself using ur own taste as da only criterion.

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